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DayZbot Application

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DayZbot Application

Post by dayzbot on Sun Jan 31, 2016 2:14 pm

In game name most commonly used.


Do you Have a MIC?


Teamspeak, Mumble, or other type of chatting software?

Teamspeak(easiest) and skype

Do you speak english, even if as a second language?

Fluent in English only



Amount of time you have been active on the server?

I have been playing on this server for a long time, though the exact length I cannot think of. I am on as much as possible during the week and quite a lot on the weekends, due to school and non-in-game things that happen in my life.

With great power, comes great responsibility. How can you handle said responsibility?

Yes, just like in my actual life, permissions and responsibilities come and we all have to learn how to use them correctly and how to deal with those responsibilities, of which I have come to understand and work with well.

What else do you do for fun, other than dayz mod. (IE what other games are you into, or other hobbies such as guns, or guitars)

I love being able to give time to my girlfriend but aside from her, I live stream on twitch for fun and play CSGO as well as gamble on CSGO based websites.

Have you ever held a position of "authority" online or otherwise? If so what was it?

Yes, gaming so big in my life I have always strived to do more for the people I play with aside from just talking and playing with them. I have held many different positions from co-owner, admin and moderator of many different servers ranging from minecraft, to DayZ, to CSGO.

What makes you a better candidate above all others?

I cannot hold myself to a higher level than anyone else, considering I have respect for everyone and cannot say I am better than someone but I can safely say I will do well in any position given and will strive to do my best no matter who I am working with whether it be another staff member or player.

There will be times when you are trying to play, but every one needs help, will you be able to give up playing to deal with other players issues? Think long and hard about this one, because it's not as easy as you think.

Yes, considering I am applying for a position that requires my attention and if my attention is required then I am free to give.  


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