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Admin Application

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Admin Application

Post by Dr.SWEG on Mon Jun 29, 2015 12:53 am

Hello Admins of the Hospital PvP Server, I am Dr.SWEG or ingame I go by Evan. I am applying to be an admin because I have played many hours on the server and like how the vehicle spawning is very high and love how there is a starting loadout, and I am in a group on server #1 which is well known, as for we usually have a base in Devils Castle.

My Resume:
I do have a mic
I do have teamspeak and skype but not mumble
I speak english
I am 15

I have logged several hours for a few months now on the server (around 5-8 hours a day)

Other games I play besides DayZmod are CS:GO, CoD WaW, and Rust. In my personal life I am the captain of my schools cie hockey team
Yes, I have been an authority on other games, on Minecraft I am an admin on a server with about 90-100 players

I feel that I am a better candidate than others because I know what the servers community is like and will understand predicaments that occur on the server because I have played so long on it and I have many free hours a day to administrate the server.

When I am playing and everyone needs help I will give up playing because even today without an admin role , I backed out of a raid my group was going to do and went to Elektro to give a kid gear who didn't spawn in with any.

Thank You,
Dr.SWEG (Evan)


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Re: Admin Application

Post by CheezFace on Mon Jun 29, 2015 7:55 am

I think you answered most of the questions in the administration format lol but if the administration does come by and ask for it here is the format he'll probably ask for

In game name most commonly used.

Do you Have a MIC?

Teamspeak, Mumble, or other type of chatting software?

Do you speak english, even if as a second language?


Amount of time you have been active on the server?

With great power, comes great responsibility. How can you handle said responsibility?

What else do you do for fun, other than dayz mod. (IE what other games are you into, or other hobbies such as guns, or guitars)

Have you ever held a position of "authority" online or otherwise? If so what was it?

What makes you a better candidate above all others?

There will be times when you are trying to play, but every one needs help, will you be able to give up playing to deal with other players issues? Think long and hard about this one, because it's not as easy as you think.

P.S. When people don't spawn with gear tell them to put killme in chat, don't have to worry about giving up gear every restart

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Re: Admin Application

Post by Dr.SWEG on Mon Jun 29, 2015 8:45 am



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Re: Admin Application

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